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Are Contacts Right for Me?

Are Contacts Right for Me?

Do you currently wear prescription lenses in the form of eyeglasses? If you do, you may be tired of the hassle of wearing glasses. You might be considering the option of switching to contacts. Unfortunately, contacts aren't an easy transition for everyone. The good news is that here at RevolutionEYES, we specialize in hard to fit contacts and specialty contacts so you can enjoy a comfortable transition.

woman with specialty contact lenses in Carmel

Common Challenges With Contacts

There are many common problems people run into when they try to make the switch to contact lenses. Many people, for example, suffer from dry eye, which can make wearing traditional contact lenses very uncomfortable and often downright unbearable. For others, astigmatism poses a challenge, as traditional lenses aren’t able to correct the vision of those with this very common eye condition.

Consider Specialty Contacts in Carmel

Fortunately, there is always the option of exploring specialty contacts in Carmel with one of your RevolutionEYES optometrists. For example, there are special multifocal contacts for astigmatism that you may want to consider trying, just as there are contacts for dry eye that provide extra lubrication for greater comfort.

If you've had trouble with contacts in the past, now is the time to talk to our optometrists about specialty contact options for you. No matter what your challenges, a team of experienced optometrists should be able to make a recommendation that will suit your needs. It is very uncommon for a person to be totally unable to wear contacts; it's usually just a matter of finding the right lenses for every individual’s needs.

Talk to Your Carmel Optometrist Today

If you suffer from dry eye, astigmatism, or another ocular condition that has kept you from successfully transitioning to contacts in the past, contact your Carmel optometrist today. And if you're looking for a local optometrist that you can rely on with your specialty contact needs, be sure to keep our team here at RevolutionEYES in mind. You can schedule an appointment or find out more about our optical service by giving us a call at (317) 844-2020.

How would your life improve by being able to wear contact lenses?

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