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Sports Vision Training in Carmel

Sports Vision Training in Carmel

At RevolutionEYES, our of Carmel optometrists, Dr. Ciano and Dr. Schuetz, work with athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds to help them excel in their sport. That's why in addition to our regular comprehensive eye exams and prescriptive eyewear, we're proud to offer our patient’s specialized sports vision training. 

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What Is Sports Vision Training?

The goal of sports vision therapy is to improve several aspects of an athlete's eyesight, all of which are critical for athletic success. Since an enormous component of our balance, motor control, and neurological function depends on vision, people who receive sports vision training often see a significant improvement in their physical function.

At its core, sports vision training includes an initial visual screening--which includes tests of a person's depth perception, visual acuity, eye dominance, and other aspects of eyesight--followed by the implementation of an individualized treatment plan that uses techniques and advanced technology to address visual limitations. Therapeutic techniques may include computer simulation, visual imagery, and sports-specific prescription eyewear. 

What Is The Benefit of Sports Vision Training?

Athletes who work with our Carmel optometrists on sports vision therapy can expect to see improvements in several major areas of their vision, including: 

Dynamic visual acuity, the ability to see moving objects clearly 

Reaction time and eye-hand coordination, the ability to elicit a physical response in reaction to visual information

Focusing and tracking, the ability to transition between two objects and/or "keep your eye on the ball" clearly 

Peripheral vision and depth perception, the ability to see in our outer limits of vision and to judge the distance and speed of an object

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Dr. Jeremy Ciano, our optometrist in Carmel, IN leads his team of optometrists to deliver high quality and comprehensive vision therapy care for athletes of all backgrounds. A member of a national group of sports-specialty trained eye care professionals, Dr. Ciano has worked with NFL players, to NASCAR drivers as well as athletes like you!

To learn more about sports vision therapy at RevolutionEYES or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (317) 844-2020

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