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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at RevolutionEYES

The eye is a sensitive and complex instrument. Its delicate structure and exposed position on the face make it vulnerable to a great many potential problems, from injuries to diseases. Conditions afflicting the eye may be environmental, congenital, lifestyle related, age related or any combination of the above. Whether you've been bothered by symptoms of eye condition for some time or you've just been diagnosed with such a problem, you need to know that your optometrist in Carmel can arrange for prompt, effective treatment. Our Carmel optometrists at RevolutionEYES, Dr. Ciano and Dr. Schuetz, are ready and able to do just that. Here are three of the conditions we can help you with!

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Treating Dry Eye, Diabetic Eye Diseases and Cataracts in Carmel

Dry Eye - Your eyes are normally protected by a three-layer film composed of water, oils and mucous. Without sufficient tear film, your eyes may experience redness, itchiness, fatigue, a "gritty" feeling and vision problems -- and they will also be more prone to infections and corneal damage. Dry eye may stem from autoimmune diseases, medications, extensive computer-screen use, ceiling fan exposure, eyelid inflammations, eye surgery complications or simple aging. We can evaluate your tear film quantity/quality, prescription medications, medical history and lifestyle to determine the cause of the problem. Treatment options from our eye doctor include eye drops, environmental adjustments and changes in work habits.

Diabetic Eye Diseases - Diabetes is notorious for its ability to wreak havoc on multiple systems on the body, including the eye. Uncontrolled high blood sugar can damage the tiny blood vessels that nourish the retina. Weak-walled blood vessels that form in response to this problem are liable to leak blood into the eye. All of these things cause progressive damage and irreversible vision loss, but significant damage can occur long before you notice any symptoms. Your optometrist in Carmel will watch this condition carefully. Severe blood vessel problems in the eye may require us to refer you to a laser eye surgeon; we will continue to co-manage your condition throughout your treatments. But getting your diabetes under control is the number one thing you can do to deal with diabetic eye disease.

Cataracts - Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness worldwide, occurring due to age, UV exposure, and certain medications or diseases. When the proteins within the eye's intraocular lens grow opaque, the resulting cloudiness in the lens causes blurred vision, low nighttime vision, loss of color vision and annoying halos around bright lights. We will monitor the progress of your cataracts (which is usually slow) before referring you for surgery to replace the diseased lens with a clear artificial one. We can also equip you with sunglasses and other preventative practices to help slow the progress of your cataracts.

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