RevolutionEYES is proud to give back to Carmel and its surrounding communities. We are involved in numerous outreach and charity initiatives including:

  • Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, and Dr. Wilson perform school vision screenings for Carmel Clay and nearby school districts. Each year, over 2,000 children are screened by the RevolutionEYES doctors through this outreach program.
  • Our collection of gently used glasses at both RevolutionEYES and Little Eyes supports the Lions Club of Carmel as well as our upcoming mission trip to the Dominican Republic.
  • At Little Eyes, we are proud to have a Double Vision program, where for every pair of glasses sold, a donation is made to the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation.
  • We collect “Pennies for Puppies” to help support The Seeing Eye Dog Foundation.
  • Dr. Schuetz and Dr. Wilson both volunteer at the Trinity Free Clinic, an organization dedicated to serving the health care needs of uninsured, low income residents in Hamilton County.