Bespoking your own custom eyewear

Not many have heard of the term…YET.   But when it comes to front line fashion, central Indiana is about to learn the term real quick.  According to Wikipedia:  “Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser.  Synonyms include “custom-made” and “made to order.”

In high end custom fashion, designing your own clothes, cars, or jewelry is a luxury reserved only for the uber-wealthy.  But the optical fashion world is now entering into this one of a kind Bespoking experience with multiple new lines that allow the patient to design their own personalized custom frame.   Frame lines from Italy, England, Japan, and more, are now allowing patients to creatively bespoke their own face jewelry.

The best part of glasses Bespoking is you don’t have to be uber-wealthy to participate, as there are many different styles at varying price points to make everyone happy.  The magic of optical Bespoking is that you get to customize your new eyewear to your exact, personal, creative, specifications.  The only limitations are your imagination.  Personalized creativity with unlimited options becomes a powerful statement opportunity. 

New materials in wood, plastics, and metals, along with jewelry stones and precious become the foundation for any style.    Flat, matte, glossy, and translucent,  the rainbow array of colors to choose from is unlimited.    Ovals, squares, rectangles, cat eyes… you name it, and you can create your shape of lenses too.  A bespoking design center will become your artistic soul’s destination for eyewear.  It will become an affordable luxury item that you can enjoy and appreciate every day. 

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