Computer vision syndrome is a diverse group of symptoms related to the increased use of digital devices. The average American spends at least 7 hours a day staring at computers, tablets, smart phones and other screened devices, and that rate is increasing every year, along with the eye problems connected to it. At RevolutionEYES we treat patients with a wide variety of eye problems connected to digital device usage. Dr. Jeremy Ciano, our Carmel optometrist, offers multiple ways to treat this growing problem.

Eye Care for Computer Vision Syndrome

Since computer vision syndrome worsens the more you use digital devices, the best defensive eye care against these symptoms is to use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes while you’re at the computer on your tablet, look away for 20 seconds and focus on something at least 20 feet away. This practice, along with setting up an ergonomic office environment, will go a long way toward eliminating computer vision problems.

If you’re still having problems, our eye doctors in Carmel and Fishers have treatment methods to improve your quality of life and prevent any permanent damage that might happen from exposure to computer screens. In many cases, normal eyeglass prescriptions aren’t correct for looking at the shorter distance to a computer monitor. As people age, their eyes change, and many older adults need a different prescription for different distances. Our eye doctor will give you a thorough eye examination to find out whether your prescription has changed, and will fit you with the correct lenses if that’s happened. In addition, we offer special lens coatings that protect your eyes from the light rays from electronic devices, which can irritate and damage your eyes.

If you’re having problems focusing on a computer screen and new eyeglasses don’t solve the problem, our optometrist may be able to treat you with a course of vision therapy to correct that problem. Vision therapy is a program of exercises or activities for your eyes designed to improve your visual abilities. This service helps you to train your eyes and brain to work together more efficiently. Vision therapy can happen in our office as well as in your home, depending on the degree of vision problems you’re experiencing.

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