Eye infections may come in viral, bacterial or fungal form. While eye infections commonly plague children, who are frequently in an environment where they are easily exposed to disease, they are also quite prevalent among adults. Our team of Carmel and Fishers optometrists, Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Iddins and Dr. Neukam are here to help you learn more about eye infections, common signs and symptoms, and options for treatment.

When To See A Carmel and Fishers Optometrist

Several signs of eye infections exist. Our Carmel and Fishers optometrists and team can diagnose and treat your condition if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Pain, itching or irritation in your eye
  • The feeling that there is something “in” your eye
  • Sensitivity or aversion to bright light
  • Redness or the appearance of red veins in the eye
  • Discharge from your tear ducts that builds up overnight
  • More frequent discharge of tears than normal

We would be happy to help you address these issues and others right away. We often see our patients consulting their primary care physician for eye infections that can be treated at RevolutionEYES. If you are experiencing symptoms of an eye infection, and are looking for treatment from an optometrist in Carmel and Fishers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Pink Eye and Other Types of Eye Infections

Multiple types of eye infections affect both children and adults. While pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is the one people are most familiar with, there are a number of others as well. Some of the most common eye infections include:

  • Sties: A sty is an inflammation of the eyelid, most commonly along the lash line. It manifests in a red and usually painful bump that looks like a pimple.
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): This infection is caused by various viruses, and causes redness of the whites of the eye, yellow discharge and extreme discomfort.
  • Corneal Ulcer: This is a small indentation on the cornea, usually resulting from infection of the viral, bacterial or fungal variety.
  • Blepharitis: Another form of eyelid infection, this can also be caused by clogged oil glands.

Ask RevolutionEYES about Advanced Eye Care Today

If you believe you might have an eye infection, come to RevolutionEYES for advanced eye care and treatment today. RevolutionEYES is a full service optometry practices in Carmel and Fishers, Indiana. We specialize in top-quality frames and contact lenses, but offer a variety of other services as well. These include comprehensive eye exams, ocular disease management, LASIK co-management, dry eye, computer vision and more, as well as treating eye emergencies and infections.

When you’re ready to make an appointment with one of our eye doctors in Carmel, Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Iddins or Dr. Neukam for advanced eye care, please call us or request an appointment on our website. We would be happy to help you address your health concerns today.