If you’ve ever had a thorough eye examination, you’ve likely been tested with a tonometer, which blows a puff of air onto the surface of your eye. You’ve probably been told that this is a test for glaucoma, but do you know what that is? At RevolutionEYES, we treat a wide variety of patients with glaucoma, from those with absolutely no symptoms to those with more marked eye damage. This disease can appear long before you feel any symptoms, so many of our patients were surprised by their diagnosis. Since early treatment is the key to keeping your eyesight strong for as long as possible, regular eye examinations are a vital key to your eye health.

Our Carmel and Fishers Optometrists Describe Glaucoma

Dr. Jeremy Ciano, our Carmel optometrist, explains that there is an optic nerve at the back of the eye that carries visual information to the brain. Your eye is filled with fluid that’s constantly flushing into and out of your eyeball. If part of the drainage system becomes plugged, the fluid will build up in your eye, causing pressure that can damage your optic nerve. There are other, rarer forms of glaucoma, but this is the most common way that it manifests.

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the world, at least partially because it’s so easy to overlook the disease if you don’t experience any symptoms. Treatment can only start when you know the problem exists, which is why our eye doctor insists on regular eye exams as part of our eye care regimen.

Treatment for Glaucoma

Glaucoma treatment is a service that we provide in our office, and we’ll set you up with a course of treatment as soon as you are diagnosed. The first treatment will always be a course of medicated eye drops that are designed to lower your interocular pressure. It’s important that you follow your eye drop schedule exactly, as the disease can progress swiftly without you even realizing it. If your eyes have reached the point where the eye drops no longer work, we can add laser treatment or surgical options for more advanced problems.

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Regular eye examinations are key to making sure glaucoma doesn’t progress once it’s established. The damage it does isn’t reversible, so it’s crucial that you watch for it before it becomes a problem. If you don’t have a regular eye doctor in Carmel and Fishers and are overdue for a thorough eye exam, call our office for an appointment. We care for patients in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Westfield, Indiana, and the surrounding communities. Call our Carmel office at (317) 844-2020 or our Fishers office at (317) 790-2015 for an appointment today.