Contact Lenses For Vision Correction

Contact Lenses For Vision Correction From Your Optometrist in Carmel, IN

Contact lenses from your optometrists in Carmel, IN can help you see clearly without worrying about your glasses. Once you put your lenses in your eyes each morning, you don’t have to think about them again until you go to bed. If you choose ortho-k lenses, you will not have to worry about wearing vision correction during the day.

Hard, Soft or Ortho-K Lenses

  • Hard – Hard contact lenses are made of a rigid plastic that holds its shape. These contacts work well for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and moderate astigmatisms.
  • Soft – Soft contacts are made of a flexible material that bends and folds. Because these lenses flex, they are extremely comfortable to wear and effective for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and mild astigmatisms.
  • Ortho-k – Ortho-k or corneal reshaping lenses are effective at treating nearsightedness and farsightedness. These lenses are worn at night while you sleep. Their custom design reshapes your cornea, which helps you see clearly without the need for vision correction during the day.

Hard to Fit Contacts with an Eye Doctor

Our eye doctors also offer hard to fit contacts for individuals with severe astigmatisms, GPC, presbyopia, dry eye and keratoconus. Specially designed hard lenses, scleral lenses and a technique called piggybacking can help individuals with hard to fit eyes wear contact lenses comfortably.

Schedule Your Contact Lens Appointment with our Optometrist in Carmel, IN

Our optometrist in Carmel, IN offers contact lens appointments for hard, soft and corneal reshaping lenses. We can even fit you with contacts if you have hard to fit eyes or if you need a prescription with more than one power.

Our contact lens examinations include a comprehensive eye exam and vision testing as well as a contact lens fitting. If you are uncertain as to which type of contact lens you′d prefer, an eye doctor at RevolutionEYES can help you decide.

To schedule your contact lens appointment with one of our optometrists, call us today!

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