Contacts for Astigmatism

Contacts for Astigmatism From Your Optometrist in Carmel, IN

At RevolutionEYES, Dr. Jeremy Ciano and the rest of our optometry staff fit patients with all sorts of eye conditions with contact lenses. Since individuals with astigmatism cannot wear all types of contacts comfortably, it’s important to work with a qualified optometrist in Carmel, IN for contact lens fittings.

What Types of Contacts Work Best for Astigmatism?

When you have astigmatism, your eyes have an imperfect curve that can make contact lenses uncomfortable to wear. The curve also affects your eye’s ability to see in different meridians. A portion of your eye may be worse than another, so traditional contacts with a single lens power don’t provide enough vision correction.

Astigmatism is a common eye condition, impacting 3 million Americans annually. In recent years, new developments in contact lenses have widened the options that individuals can wear. Nowadays, people can try the following contacts for astigmatism:

  • Toric soft or rigid gas permeable lenses – Unlike spherical lenses, toric lenses have different lens powders in different areas. They must stay in place since rotation in the eye can worsen your vision.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses – Rigid lenses remain in place and act as a replacement cornea with a perfect curvature. When light passes through the lens, it’s processed correctly because of the natural spherical shape.
  • Hybrid lenses – Hybrid lenses have a rigid center and soft edges. The hard center gives excellent vision correction, while the soft edges make these lenses more comfortable.

See An Optometrist in Carmel, IN for Contact Lens Fitting

Our eye doctor serving Carmel understands the pros and cons of all types of astigmatism contacts. We will measure your eyes using a phoropter and determine what lens power your eyes need. Fit is critical when it comes to contact lenses over an irregularly sharpen cornea. After we fit the lenses, we’ll discuss cleaning and care.

Are you ready to try contact lenses, or interested in learning more? Call our office today or complete our online appointment request form to schedule a contact lens consult or fitting.

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