Daily Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

You recently visited your optometrist in Carmel IN for a contact lens fitting. Whether you wear dailies, bi-weekly disposables, monthlies, or even specialty contacts, proper care is key. Not only are you protecting your contacts, but your eye health as well.

Here are recommended contact lens care tips from an optometrist in Carmel IN.

Stick to a Cleaning Routine

According to an Eye & Contact Lens article from 2015, it’s crucial for contact lens wearers to avoid getting lazy with replacing and cleaning their contacts. If they do, they could develop fungal eye infections.

It can be hard to muster up the energy to care for your contacts sometimes, especially after a long day. For the sake of your eyes, though, make it a priority.

Avoid Getting Makeup in or Around the Eyes

If you’re a woman, you can still wear makeup even if you have contacts. You just have to be careful when applying eyeliner, eye shadow, or any other makeup that will get near your eyes.

Choose non-allergenic brands to be on the safe side. Make sure your hands are clean before handling the eye area. At the end of the day, take your makeup off first, then your contacts, cleaning your hands in between.

Don’t Panic Over a Stuck Contact

It happens to everyone at some point: you go to take your contact out and it’s stuck. The most important thing to do is stay calm. You can moisten either your finger or the contact with rewetting drops. If you don’t have those, your contact lens cleaning solution or sterile saline works as well.

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