Eye Exercises: Improve Your Vision at Home

Improving Vision Through Exercises

A number of Internet sites are offering eye exercises to improve your vision at home, promising correction of common refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These programs are sold for hundreds of dollars and provide instructions and visual aids for performing specific eye exercises that supposedly correct vision problems when done on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the providers of these vision programs cannot provide scientific evidence that they work. In fact, a study by the Freeman Spogli Institute of Stanford University studied these exercise programs and found no effect on vision in the subjects who used them.  Programs that offer eye exercises to correct vision at home are a waste of money and time.

Your Eye Doctor in Carmel IN Can Help You Improve Your Vision

Although eye exercises cannot change the shape of the eye or the irregularities of the cornea, there are certain conditions that can be improved through exercises, either at your optometrist’s office or at home. Eye exercises can help with problems of the eye muscles, such as “lazy eye” in children, crossed eyes, double vision or poor 3D vision. But other than in these cases, exercises cannot be used to improve common vision problems or blurry vision. Your eye doctor in Carmel IN can offer a variety of options for correcting refractive errors to help you see more clearly.

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