Have You Used Your Flex Spending Account?

As the year draws to a close, the most important question on everyone’s mind is not about the holidays, but instead, “have I used the funds in my flex spending account?” Flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow individuals or families to set aside funds each year, tax-free, to pay for selected medical expenses. The catch with an FSA is that the funds must be used each year or they are lost.  It’s important for you to spend these funds while you still can.

How Can Your Optometrist Help You Use Your FSA Funds?

If you have funds remaining, your optometrist can help you find ways to put these funds to great use. The following items are all allowable expenses for FSA accounts:

  • Schedule your annual eye doctor exam for yourself or your every member of your family.
  • Stock up on contact lenses. If you wear disposable lenses, you can order several boxes as long as you have a current prescription.
  • Order an extra pair of eyeglasses or lens accessories. If you have always wanted a pair of funky frames, a pair of prescription sunglasses, or a cool pair of reading glasses, your remaining FSA funds can make your wishes come true.
  • Eye care supplies such as saline, cleaner for contact lenses, and eye drops are allowable expenses. Stock up on your favorite cleaner for the coming months with this year’s funds.

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