How valuable is YOUR time?

When did waiting times of 0:30, 0:45, or even 60 minutes become the accepted ‘norm’ in medicine? I am amazed and (frankly) P.O.’d when I go into a doctor’s office only to consistently have significant waiting times.

Getting to level 16 on candy crush to finally be called back… just to wait in another room… to then start the FB newsreel… while waiting on the Dr. to finally come in… is TOO LONG. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Does anyone else think there should be a better way? How about ON-TIME APPOINTMENTS? Is that even a thing anymore?

Now, to be fair, there are times in medicine where extended difficult cases come up or day-of-call-in’s need to be squeezed into a schedule for emergency reasons. But these are ‘expected’ parts of the scheduling process. And if you are ever one of the ‘unlucky’ folks in the aforementioned examples, you want your doctor’s office to be both compassionate and accommodating of your need to be seen that day. More importantly, you would expect your doctor to take the full time needed to address all of your ailments, symptoms, and to also give you the time and attention you DESERVE in answering all of your questions thoroughly.

No one wants their doctor cutting corners or rushing through an exam simply to keep to a strict schedule. This is why, I believe, proper scheduling is the KEY to success! We are very cognizant of our office scheduling availability and therefore respectful of YOUR valuable TIME. On-Time appointments aren’t the exception to the rule… they are the RULE, at RevolutionEYES. Thorough, on-time, and personalized exams are the foundation of our patient experience and office culture. So the next time you are waiting ‘too long’ for your doctor, simply ask yourself, “WHY?”

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