LASIK: You Get What You Pay For!

You have heard that old adage countless times.  You heed that advice from the wiser elderly.  You probably even preach it to your budding teenagers.  WHY THEN, WOULD YOU TAKE A SHORTCUT WITH YOUR SURGICAL VISION PROCEDURE?

Out of all the questions we get, this one is probably the most frustrating: “I got this coupon for Lasik, at ‘XYZ chop shop’, what do you think about them?”  Seriously…SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  If you needed a heart valve replacement, would you ‘shop around’ for the ‘best deal’ or would you ask about the surgeon’s qualifications and their medical track record?  If a cardiologist were advertising coupons for by-passes at ‘buy one, get one free’, how quickly would you be running away from their clinic?

I honestly don’t know where the public perception has changed, but LASIK is an extremely delicate and technical medical procedure altering the single most important sense that we use to function in life.  I may be biased, but permanent vision correction is EXTREMELY important!  More time should be done researching this surgical procedure than simply listening to a radio ad offering free tech-devices if you ‘sign up before year’s end’.  It’s your vision…for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  You can always buy that same doo-dad on your own, but you can’t replace your eyes if the surgery isn’t done correctly. 

Fortunately, there are some GREAT LASIK surgeons here in Indy that we trust and recommend, but there are also some you should be more careful of when ‘shopping’ around.  Simply put, if there is a high-pressure sale, a sliding price range, or free ‘devices’ being offered… RUN!!!  When in doubt, ask your Eye Doctor for their medical recommendation instead of FB or gimmicky holiday sales pushes.  Your eyes will thank you for it!

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