Proper eye care is important for people of all ages and regular eye exams are encouraged for everyone, but especially for those already using glasses or contact lenses. Your vision plays a vital role in your life each and every day, which is why it is so important to take the right steps for maintaining good eye health. At RevolutionEYES, we provide a variety of services, from general exams to corrective surgery. We also carry a wide selection of eye frames for our patients as well.

Here at RevolutionEYES we take pride in the quality of care we provide. We are a family practice that focuses on the use of new technologies to better care for and meet our patient’s needs. This is why our RevolutionEYES team offers a wide range of eye care services. We understand that our patients’ time is valuable so we are proud to say that we are highly efficient in order to run on-time appointments. Our skilled team of Carmel optometrists can provide:

  • Comprehensive eye exams – Comprehensive eye exams are a must for detecting serious eye diseases that might otherwise go unnoticed. Here at RevolutionEYES, Dr. Ciano and his team utilize digital retinal scanners rather than dilations so that patients are able to continue their day uninterrupted after eye exam appointments. During the exam, our team evaluates eye function and visual acuity to detected and diagnose any possible refractive disorders that require correction. We specialize in the correction of vision whether you are near sighted, far sighted, have astigmatism, or even have bifocal needs.
  • Management of ocular diseases – Our skilled Carmel optometrists, Dr. Ciano and Dr. Schuetz, can help you manage a variety of eye diseases and disorders, some of which can cause irreversible vision loss and eye damage if not monitored and treated. These include glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.
  • Advanced technology services – We pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. For instance, we can fit a variety of hard-to-fit contacts for specific conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia and keratoconus. We even offer Ortho-K overnight lenses that temporarily reshape your corneas as you sleep!
  • Eye infections – The eyes are vulnerable to infections, irritations and injuries that may require our care. Our team is able to properly diagnose and treat both children and adults with eye infections such as “pink eye” (conjunctivitis). We offer both medical and homeopathic treatments depending on the case and severity.
  • LASIK and refractive surgery co-management – If you’re interested in pursuing LASIK or refractive surgery, our team of vision experts can provide the necessary pre-operative and post-operative care. We’ll work with your eye surgeon to ensure you have the exact corrective prescription necessary and receive regular follow-up exams. One of our Carmel optometrists, Dr. Ciano, has had successful LASIK done on his eyes and is here to help patients through the entire processes. Having filled both the patient and doctor role he has extensive and personal knowledge regarding the procedure, process, and recovery. Dr. Ciano is warmly open to any patients that have questions about the procedure or wish to discuss the process.
  • Dry eye – Chronically dry eyes cause redness, pain, irritation, vision problems and even corneal damage. We can examine your medical history, lifestyle, tear film and tear consistency to determine the underlying cause of your dry eye syndrome, prescribing the appropriate treatment to help you lubricate and protect your eyes properly. To remain at the forefront of their profession, Dr. Ciano and Dr. Schuetz, have recently begun making investments in new technologies, procedures, and innovative treatments for dry eye. Please contact our office with any questions about our dry eye treatment options.
  • Computer vision – Hours of computer work or mobile device usage can cause serious eye fatigue and vision issues — and the blue light emanating from the screen may contribute to macular degeneration over time. We can recommend protective measures ranging from special “blue-blocking” lenses to changes in your work schedule. We now offer ergonomic specific and custom designed lenses that are personalized for our patients’ individual work stations. Depending on individual vision needs, our team of O.D.’s and opticians can create the perfect lens package for any patient.
  • Sports and specialty eye wear – Providing corrective eyewear suitable for active or demanding situations can pose a challenge — but not for RevolutionEYES. We can equip with prescription sports glasses, swim goggles or safety glasses to aid you in your sport or career of choice. Dr. Ciano is one of the nation’s leading authorities on sports vision and is a founding member of the High Performance Vision Associates.
  • Frames – Let us serve as your one-stop resource for a wide selection of frames that will appeal to both your needs. Our skilled team can even help you find the best frame style for your facial shape. We feature some of the best and well-known brands in fashion as well as exclusive lines from around the world, only found here at RevolutionEYES in Carmel, IN. Our team is proud to offer one of a kind designer, the ability to create your own designs, and unique specialty frames for fashion forward and stylish conscious patients.

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