Contact Lens Exams & Fittings from Your Carmel and Fishers Optometrist

Your Carmel and Fishers, IN optometrist, Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, or Dr. Wilson, provides top-quality contact lens exams and fittings for Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers and the surrounding Indianapolis area. Many people either prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses or like to alternate between both types of corrective lenses to suit the situation. But if you’ve never gotten contacts before, you might not know that the usual vision testing isn’t the sum total of the information needed to obtain the perfect contacts for your needs. To achieve that goal, you also need a contact lens exam.

What To Expect During Your Contact Lens Exam in Carmel and Fishers

The vision testing used to determine your corrective lens prescription is just as important for your contact lenses as it is for your eyeglasses. But contact lens exams include additional measurements of the eye itself because the contacts must conform to the dimensions of your irises, pupils and corneas as exactly as possible. Your eye doctor, Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, or Dr. Wilson, will take these measurements with great care, enlisting the help of an advanced technique called corneal topography to note your precise corneal curvature (right down to the tiny irregularities that often cause astigmatism).

But our contact lens exams don’t end with measurements. Your eye doctor will also evaluate your ocular and general health for any conditions that might limit your lens options. For example, if you have dry eye, you’ll need contacts that retain as much eye moisture as possible. If your eyes are sensitive to the proteins that collect on extended-wear contacts, a condition called giant papillary conjunctivitis, single-use disposable lenses will help limit that exposure. Specific eye conditions such as astigmatism, keratoconus (a cone-like bulge in the cornea) or presbyopia, you’ll need contacts that allow for optimal vision correction under these circumstances.

Even your lifestyle can affect what kind of contact lenses you select. Your optometrist in Carmel and Fishers, IN, Dr. Ciano, Dr. Schuetz, or Dr. Wilson, will ask you whether you have to clean your contacts, how frequently you plan on wearing them and so on. The answers can reveal whether you’re better off with daily-wear, extended-wear, disposable or non-disposable contacts.

Need Specialty Contact Lenses?

If you require hard-to-fit contact lenses, you’re in good hands here at RevolutionEYES. As part of our comprehensive list of eye care services, we’re a trusted provider of specialty contact lens fittings for the Carmel and Fishers, IN area. Based on the specific needs uncovered by our contact lens exams, we can fit you for:

  • Toric lenses for accurate, consistent astigmatism correction
  • Moisture-retaining lenses for dry eye patients
  • Multifocal lenses (or, in some cases, monovision lenses) to correct presbyopia

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