Eye Exams From Our Optometrist in Carmel and Fishers

At RevolutionEYES, our optometrist in Carmel and Fishers IN provides comprehensive eye and vision exams for adults and children. Let our eye doctor, Dr. Jeremy Ciano, screen your eye health, check your prescription, and provide helpful information that safeguards your eyes.

What to Expect With Eye Exams in Carmel and Fishers

Our eye doctor recommends annual eye exams for adults. Eye conditions are most easily treated when they are caught early on. By taking the time to have your eyes checked once a year, you can safeguard your eye health, keep your prescription current, and enjoy the clear sight. If you have a family history of eye diseases like glaucoma or have diabetes, we may recommend you come in more than once a year.

During your annual eye exam, you’ll meet with our optometrist, discuss any symptoms you’ve been experiencing, and go over your health history.

After talking, we will inspect your eyes. Eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration can be spotted in an eye exam, and so can health conditions like diabetes.

Using a slit lamp, our eye doctor will check the internal structure of your eyes, taking a close look at your optic nerve and your retina. We will measure the pressure inside your eyes to check for early signs of glaucoma.

Any eye health problems we find can be managed by our eye doctor using medication or other treatments.

Moving on to your vision, we will check your eyes with a wall eye chart. We can fine-tune your prescription with a phoropter, which shows you two lens options at a time. Once we’ve defined the right lens power for you, we can fit you for contacts or let you browse eyeglasses in our optical shop. We’re here to answer any questions you have about contacts or eyewear, so do not be shy!

To widen your pupils to more precisely examine the back of the eye, we use advanced technology rather than dilation, in most cases. Here in our office, we utilize Optos/Optomap’s advanced technology to ensure thorough and fast analysis. Plus, this process won’t leave your eyes dilated and uncomfortable all day long!

We will also check how well you perceive depth and color. In our depth perception test, we’ll have you wear 3D glasses and view a series of shapes. We will ask you to correctly identify the shape that sticks out the furthest. If you experience problems telling depth accurately, we can offer optometry solutions that improve your depth perception skills.

If vision tests show that your eyes experience difficulty moving together, our eye doctor can discuss optometry solutions such as vision therapy.

If we spot signs of eye infections, dry eye, or eye diseases, we will discuss your eye care options for effective treatment. There are many medications we can suggest for eye conditions that reduce symptoms and discomfort. There may be some lifestyle changes you can make to reduce discomfort, such as changing the setup of your workstation or taking omega-3 supplements.

See an Optometrist in Carmel and Fishers IN

Would you like to come in for an eye exam with our optometrist in Carmel and Fishers IN, Dr. Ciano? You may reserve an appointment by completing the form on our website or by callING our Carmel office at (317) 844-2020 or our Fishers office at (317) 790-2015. We look forward to meeting with you!