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If you’re serious about achieving excellence in your favorite sporting activity, you may have to start by getting serious about the excellence of your eyesight. Many sports depend heavily on visual acuity as a factor in reaction time, coordination, aim and other make-or-break abilities. Here at RevolutionEyes, your Carmel optometrist (Dr. Ciano or Dr. Schuetz) can test your visual acuity to the highest standards and prescribe sports vision therapy in Carmel to help you play at the top of your game.

The Importance of Optimal Vision for Westfield and Carmel Athletes

Westfield and Carmel athletes make demands of their vision above and beyond what their friends and neighbors might require in their everyday lives. Tiny imperfections that wouldn’t pose a problem for most people can make all the difference between winning and coming in second, whether you shoot competitively or you need to know exactly when that ball is going to strike your racket or bat. In addition to 20/20 (or better) vision on an eye test, you need split-second coordination between your brain and your eyes if you want to perform at your true potential.

Sports Vision Testing From Your Carmel Optometrist

Your Carmel optometrist at RevolutionEYES can administer a wide range of sophisticated tests to evaluate even the most subtle aspects of your sports vision, such as:

  • Contrast sensitivity – The lower your contrast sensitivity, the more trouble you’ll have tracking objects in motion. We can evaluate your ability to discern subtle differences between gray stripes and a neutral background.
  • Ocular alignment – Ocular alignment is critical for binocular vision and depth perception. We can check your ocular alignment with a form of refractive testing called the Hirschberg test. Another test called the Howard-Dolman Apparatus measures your spatial perception.
  • Eye dominance – A simple “cover test” can reveal whether one eye is dominant over the other.
  • Reaction time – Reaction time is critical in many sports. Computerized testing using generated images can show us how quickly you can react to images as they appear in front of you or move across your field of view.
  • Eye teaming – Your eyes must work together in unison for optimal visual acuity. We can measure your eye teaming ability with Saladin Near Point balance cards.

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If any of these tests indicate a problem, don’t worry — you’ve come to the right place for sports vision treatment in Carmel. We can prescribe such helpful solutions as high-contrast tinted lenses, eye training exercises to improve your visual processing speeds, eye patching to re-balance a case of eye dominance, and focus exercises to help you boost performance in different visual fields. We can even address the specific visual requirements of your sport through a personalized sports vision treatment program.

Call our office today at (317) 844-2020 to schedule sports vision testing from your Carmel optometrist at RevolutionEYES. We can help you see your way to victory!