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RevolutionEYES—led by our Carmel optometrist, Dr. Ciano—is committed to providing you with the highest standard of eye and vision care. If you’re an athlete, whether professionally or recreationally, then certainly you understand the importance of vision acuity when it comes to your athletic performance. Fortunately, our team specializes in sports optical solutions, having worked with NFL players and NASCAR drivers alike.

Glasses or Contacts for Sports?                 

One of the most common questions athletes find themselves asking when it comes to their vision is whether glasses or contacts are better suited for their needs. This can vary greatly based on the specific sport you play, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences. For example, some athletes prefer not to wear glasses while playing due to the fact that traditional glasses can be easily knocked off the face and damaged. Not to mention, some designs of glasses can affect the peripheral vision (especially those with larger frames).

In these situations, contact lenses may be the better option because they can be worn without concern about falling off, slipping, blocking your vision, or fogging up when you sweat. On the other hand, those who aren’t comfortable wearing contact lenses or who want added eye protection may want to consider protective, wraparound prescription glasses. These come with a strap that keeps them securely in place while providing added protection for the face and eyes. Many athletes who play high-contact sports, such as basketball, prefer this option.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for contacts or glasses to suit your sports vision needs, RevolutionEYES has you covered with a wide optical selection. We also offer specialized sports vision testing with our knowledgeable eye doctor to optimize your visual acuity.

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