Sports vision-helping so many have never been so much fun

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October 20-22, 2016 Rome, Italy
International Conference and Expo on
Optometry and Vision Science
J Clin Exp Ophthalmo 2016 Volume 7, Issue 8 (Suppl)
ISSN: 2155-9570 JCEO, an open access journal Optometry 2016

October 20-22, 2016
Sports vision-helping so many have never been so much fun!
Jeremy A Ciano1, 2

RevolutionEYES, USA

Little EYES, USA
Sports vision and training can become a cornerstone of your practice. Energizing both your patient base as well as your staff, is an exciting aspect of Optometry that you will enthusiastically embrace. There are so many great aspects of sports vision that many patients and Optometrists aren’t even aware of. The focus of this lecture will be to enlighten the practitioner about the new, exciting and unique ways to differentiate your practice while helping your patients achieve new athletic heights which they never realized to be possible. During this lecture we will focus on the basics of sports vision, techniques of implementation, and the mentality shift one need to become successful in this growing and exciting aspect of Optometry.

Jeremy A Ciano has a high end, concierge concept office, RevolutionEYES as well as a pediatric focused satellite office, Little Eyes. As a student he was able to receive honors both in the tennis court as well as in the classroom at King’s College. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2001. As a Lecturer, he has presented lectures in over 20 states at nearly 100 venues. He has published many articles in medical and business journals. He has also assisted over 40 practices through his consulting work around the United States.
Jeremy A Ciano, J Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2016, 7:8 (Suppl)

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