A Little Girl’s Dream

Having previously created a pediatric practice, Little Eyes, named and inspired by his eldest son Alex, Dr. Jeremy Ciano wanted to create something new, edgy and bold for his next of kin, Bella, to be proud of. Knowing that Bella is creative, artistic, and strong, we decided to create an exclusive, limited edition, micro-boutique frame collection keeping these characteristics and her personality at the forefront of the inspiration.

After discussing the concept with Debbie, our lead Optician, we were overly excited to begin this project! She has been enthusiastically hopeful for the better part of the past decade to design our own frame line to better serves our patients and their unique styles. With Debbie’s vast experience in design & color, along with an unparalleled love for fashion, Bella collection project began…

“Customizing the design specifics, the color pallets, and unique fashion styles for our patients was a fun, challenging, and rewarding process,” said Debbie. “We took great consideration in selecting the specific hues, European materials, and frame designs that our clientele would immediately fall in love with.” Appreciating how important this frame line creation was, we were overly meticulous in each step of this highly demanding process in order to ensure the quality finished products that would properly represent our practice, our patients, and specifically Dr. Ciano’s daughter, Bella.

The Bella Collection is an exclusive, Italian inspired, Micro-Boutique frame line. Individually crafted and hand-painted, these frames have been created to represent the best of what the Optometric world has to offer. The line is soft, flattering, and colorful, yet with a bit of edginess at the same time. All Bella frames are hypoallergenic and composed of high-quality European stainless steel and Mazzucchelli acetates from Italy. Handmade, the Bella Collection also uses the same Swiss finish that is used on Apple Products to protect from chips and scratches. With only 36 designs to this limited collection, each frame was individually crafted for a sleek look, comfortable wear, and elegant display. After years of dreaming, and almost a full year of planning, designing, and crafting, we are so proud to unveil to the world The Bella Collection! Cheers, from our RevolutionEYES family to yours!

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