The Importance of Eye Exams for Athletes

Better Vision for Carmel, Indiana Athletes

You probably already know that everyone needs regular comprehensive eye exams, not only to check the basics of ocular health and function but also to assure adequate visual acuity. For the athlete, however, visual acuity must go beyond the adequate and into the realm of absolute top performance. Let’s look at how eye exams for athletes can help them surpass their own expectations in their chosen sport.

  • Depth perception – Even the tiniest imbalance in eye dominance or alignment can affect your binocular vision — the ability to see in three dimensions and judge distance accurately. Any optometrist on our three-practitioner team can administer the “cover test” and perform sophisticated refractive testing to pick up these little discrepancies.
  • Following objects in motion – “Keep your eye on the ball” isn’t just a saying. The ability to follow objects in motion as they whiz past you or toward you is a critical skill in sports ranging from baseball to skeet shooting — and the ability to see fine gradations, in contrast, is a critical factor. We can test your contrast sensitivity by displaying objects against backgrounds of varying contrast levels. Accurate eye tracking and teaming are also important if you need to follow moving objects just with your eyes instead of your whole head. We use a device called the Saladin Near Point Balance Card to evaluate these abilities.
  • “Better than good” visual acuity – While a score of 20/20 on an eye chart is a perfect score for the general population, it isn’t the upper limit for visual acuity. Your optometrist may even find that you had a sight-limiting refractive error you didn’t even know about!
  • Reaction time – Your visual processing skills determine your reaction time, which in turn can determine whether you catch the winning ball or counter a crippling martial arts move. We can measure your reaction time by observing your response to computer-generated moving objects on a screen.

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Has your eyesight ever let you down at a key point during an athletic event? In what way?

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