Looking for a Unique Experience in Eye Care?

RevolutionEYES thinks outside-the-box! When he was in his 3rd year of Optometry school, Dr. Jeremy Ciano envisioned a revolutionary new concept that would provide his patients with high-end customer service and exclusively unique products, while featuring the latest in modern medical technology. In 2007, that dream became a reality, when RevolutionEYES opened in Clay Terrace. Fast-forwarding nearly 20 years, RevolutionEYES has blossomed into a 6 day/week, 5 doctor practice highlighted by the additions of Dr. Katherine Schuetz, Dr. Hannah Wilson, Dr. Amy Iddins, and Dr. Angeline McLean to the medical team.

When Dr. Ciano refers to the latest and greatest in medical technology, the quintessential example is the use of digital retinal scans to replace dilation of the eyes. Dilating the eyes impairs vision and causes light sensitivity for most of the day. Very few patients are happy having this medically important procedure done. However, at RevolutionEYES, the doctors use digital retinal scans, in lieu of dilation, to view the inner workings of the eyes without the dramatically uncomfortable effects of dilation drops. During the scan, the Doctors will look for signs of glaucoma, tumors, MS, diabetes, macular degeneration, hypertension, and thyroid conditions, just to name a few.

Dr. Ciano emphasizes to his patients that quality eye care is more than just seeing well. He says, “If the inside of your eyes aren’t healthy, then it doesn’t matter what’s going on visually.”

An experience at RevolutionEyes reveals to patients that high tech medical eye care is complemented with an inviting optical dispensary that offers an array of fashion-forward frames with exclusive international, and handmade selections. Unique to RevolutionEYES, patients can achieve an individualized look that they simply won’t find anywhere else. Their frame lines are more than just functional or simple fashion; they are individualized, affordable luxury items that excite the patients when they wear them with chic flair and confidence.

Next-level customized fashion is found exclusively at RevolutionEYES, with the store’s newest Design Studio/Bespoke Eyewear. In the Design Studio, patients work with a professional Optician to create frames that are 100% unique and made to order! This concept doesn’t exist anywhere else in the country, and highlights patients’ unlimited creativity. “Patients can come in and custom-design their own face jewelry,” according to Dr. Ciano. Materials, such as wood, metals, plastics, all in an infinite array of colors, shapes, and sizes give the patient an unlimited opportunity to express themselves. Bespoke Eyewear has high appeal to the very artistic and creative folks who want individualized & customized eyewear, and also those who have had a hard time with finding a “perfect fit” with big box brands, and chain retailer selections.

When you walk into RevolutionEYES you instantly become part of their family and are welcomed with open arms. Their well trained and tenured staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and commission free. Eyewear at RevolutionEYES appeals to a wide array of styles, fashion and budgets. Frames start in the $200s and go up to $8,000 depending on the patient’s preference, needs, and creativity.

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