What Happens When You Don’t Get Regular Eye Exams?

This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Regular Eye Exams: Explanation Provided By Our Eye Doctor in Carmel, IN

At RevolutionEYES, we believe in putting you first and addressing all of your vision needs. Our eye doctor in Carmel, IN serves the area by providing regular eye exams. Our examinations help to detect problems and allow us to determine the ideal prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. However, we can only do so if you visit us as recommended.

Poor Vision

When you don’t see an optometrist in Carmel IN once per year, or once every two years if you don’t have any vision problems, you might be neglecting your vision problems. They’re only going to get worse if you don’t use specialized contacts or eyeglasses. And when you’re not correcting your vision problems, you could find yourself missing out on life and have difficulty performing everyday tasks.


Glaucoma is an issue that occurs in the optic nerve. It can potentially lead to blindness. We have methods we use to track and slow the progression. However, if you don’t have regular eye examinations, you could have glaucoma and not know it. Unfortunately, once you start losing your vision from glaucoma, it’s irreversible.


At RevolutionEYES, we screen you for cataracts. This particular vision issue causes clouding over the lens of your eye. It can lead to blindness when left untreated. The best prognosis for cataracts occurs when we detect it early. This is especially the case since cataracts may require surgical removal if they progress too much.

Improper Eyewear for Activities

Contacts aren’t suited for all activities you participate in. Likewise, glasses aren’t always safe in all instances. If you discuss with an eye doctor in Carmel IN your hobbies, you can determine which eyewear is ideal for what you do. For instance, if you play sports, you may want to be fitted for contacts, even if you don’t use them on a regular basis. Contacts allow you to maintain your peripheral vision, and they don’t fog up. If you should end up with a ball in your face, contacts are less likely to become damaged. Patients who aren’t comfortable in, or can’t wear, contacts may benefit from specialized glasses for sports.

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