What is ‘Bespoke’?

Did you know, the craft of making spectacles goes back almost 1000 years? Function of course was the main purpose back then, but fast-forwarding to today, artistic expression rules the landscape in frame selection. Glasses can be mass produced in a far away sweatshop for pennies a pair or could be hand crafted on the Italian Riviera by an 8th generation artisan. The variety of colors, shapes, designs, materials, fit, style, and uniqueness are limitless!

Is there a more affordable and practical way to get a high-quality customized frame without having to go through customs? Yes! Bespoking is ‘the creation and production of custom made articles’. And fortunately for our readers, we have Indiana’s only bespoke design studio right here in your own back yard at RevolutionEYES.

The bespoking process can be as simple or as complicated as the patient wants. With an almost infinite array of hues, designs, shapes, and combinations, the daunting process may seem overwhelming at first, but truly is a fun, efficient, and worthwhile experience. At the bespoking appointment, we take detailed measurements of the patient to best craft a frame for optimal comfort and fit. We then work through the various materials of wood, plastics, metals, etc. to determine what construction is best for that individual. Next, we move onto style, shape, and fashion. Finally, we select the colors that best match up with the patient’s complexion, style, and sassiness.

Glasses are one of the most prominent accessories anyone can wear. They literally are front and center with every first impression, every zoom call, and every encounter with others. So why get off the rack, standard, mass produced, average looking/fitting frames, when you can custom create your very own? Bespoking your own personalized pair of glasses is truly an eye-opening experience!

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