Wide-eyed and horrified

If you are like most air-breathing humans, getting your eyes dilated is about as anticipated as dental work. Blurred vision, sun sensitivity and not being able to read are all part of the annoying process. So, why on earth do eye doctors insist on torturing our patients with this procedure?

Simply put: Because we care. Dilating the eyes is one of the most important diagnostic tests we can perform to make sure your overall ocular (and some systemic) health is being properly monitored.

When you come in for an annual eye examination, getting the correct glasses and contact lens prescription is important, but the most important part of the exam is the health evaluation. Dilating your eyes allows us to monitor a variety of ocular and systemic issues: Cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal detachments and even some hypertensive and thyroid changes.

The eye is the only place in the human Wide-eyed and horrified body where we can monitor the blood vessels in their natural state without having to do any sort of invasive procedure. The eye truly is the window to the soul with respect to your overall health.

The good news is we now have technology that replaces your need to be dilated (in most cases). The OptoMAP retinal imaging allows us to see inside your eye but without all of the debilitating effects of having them dilated. A quick digital photo is taken, and your images pop up on a screen for you to see while your doctor shows you the health of the inside of your eye. It is quick, comprehensive and dilation-free.

You now have access to the best of both worlds: The benefits of a comprehensive evaluation without the aggravation of dilation drops.

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